How to sell your dental practice

Demystifying the process of selling your practice

For most dentists, selling their dental practice is the biggest financial transaction that they will ever be involved with.  For many it is also a very emotional process.

At Gensmile we understand this and make the process as transparent and understandable as possible.  hope that the Principals selling their practices to us will remain with the practice once we own it and it is, therefore, very important that they feel that the deal was a fair one and that we are people they want to be associated with.

We are interested in acquiring private and mixed practices throughout the UK.

If you are thinking about selling your practice, then we would be pleased to visit you (we understand that evenings or weekend will probably work best for you) and discuss your practice and your plans for the future.  We would then be happy to explain our acquisition process to you and how we would seek to partner with you and to continue to grow the business that you have built.  If you are willing to share some basic financial information with us, then we’ll be happy to give you a valuation range at this stage.  This meeting would be completely without commitment on your behalf.

We fully understand the need for confidentiality and will respect this throughout the process.

The Gensmile Team includes very experienced and flexible deal doers and we are often able to come-up with creative but simple solutions to complicated structural and financial issues.

Once we agree a valuation and structure for the acquisition, we will work with you to prepare the necessary filings for the CQC which will probably be the main determinant of the time taken to complete our transaction.

We will need to complete some work with you to confirm the assumptions that we would have discussed with you when we valued the practice, but we are highly experienced in making this procedure as smooth as possible.

To arrange a no-commitment introductory meeting or to just have a general chat about the market for selling your practice, please call our Managing Director, Simon Turton on 01793 441420 or 07768 102290 or email him at, or contact us using the contact form here:

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