About Gensmile

A Dental Group built on quality and partnership

Gensmile is building a different kind of dental group based on quality.  We are seeking high potential practices that can be grown through us freeing the dentists from business demands, so that they can focus their time on delivering patient care.

We bought our first practice in July 2015 and, as of April 2024, have 37 practices and 4 dental labs. What these practices share is a passion for high quality dentistry and Principals that wanted to partner with us. Within Gensmile, these partners can now continue to do what they love, treating their patients, while we are responsible for running the business of the practice.

We are partnering with dentists who have built successful practices but who often want to return to focusing on providing care for their patients or to have the time to further build their skills or specialisms.

In a time of growing bureaucracy and other pressures, partnering with Gensmile would allow you to enjoy dentistry again.  Spend more time with patients, rather than your accountant.

We believe that focusing on quality is the best way to achieve our core goals:
  • provide the best possible experience for our patients
  • ensure our patients achieve the dental health and smile that they want
  • attract new patients every day
  • create a professional and development-focused environment that makes Gensmile an attractive and rewarding place to work and build a career

We believe that every practice is unique.  We take the time to learn what makes each of our practices different so that we can support all our staff to deliver the care and services that their patients need.

Partnering with Gensmile brings a number of benefits to selling Principals:
  • full value and certainty of closing the transaction with highly experienced deal-doers (the Gensmile founders have invested over $1 billion in a wide range of healthcare businesses)
  • we are owned by our two founders and the senior managers of Gensmile, with no private equity investors. This means that we have a long-term focus with certainty of funding, stable investor base and no need for a short-term exit
  • small size which enables a practice-by-practice approach rather than having to apply group-wide standardised solutions. We believe that each of our practices is unique and tailor our approach accordingly to maintain the culture and standards of each one
  • focus on private dental growth. The average private revenue growth, for our practices we’ve had for two years or more, throughout our ownership up to Feb 2020 has been over 9% p.a
  • partners that believe that high-quality clinical care is key to building a successful dental business
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