Principal Testimonials

“We chose to work with Gensmile as they clearly understood the culture of our practice and how we work.  They also offered a valuation and deal structure which enabled us to fully realise the value of the practice.

They have made very few changes to how we work (and I don’t think many of our patients realise that we have sold) but have helped us expand our services, for example, hiring and equipping a specialist endodontist.

I have continued to enjoy working at our practice after the sale and have agreed to stay for a much longer period than the original agreed tie-in.”
Jonathan, Wiltshire

“Selling a Practice you have built with a partner over many years is a big decision and it was critical to us that the practice would continue to provide high quality care and that our staff were well looked after whilst obtaining a fair price.  Gensmile’s offer met all our key aims and almost 2 years on Gensmile have done what they said they would do.

Our practice continues to operate as it always did in terms of the practice ethos, patient care, materials and labs: our patients have seen almost no change. However, we now have more support for our practice manager, marketing and CQC compliance.  The staff team have also benefited from opportunities to progress their careers.

The Gensmile team is professional but fun to work with.  We are very glad that we chose to work with them.  I am on our LDC and high standards of professional conduct are crucial for me and the Gensmile team never compromises ethics for money.”
Judith, Wiltshire

“Gensmile is very supportive on investment into the practice in equipment and even expanding the building.

They have helped us keep our position as a prize-winning practice.  More importantly, however, is that we have kept our unique practice identity.

Our patients have no idea that I have sold and other than positive on-going development of the practice, nothing has happened to change the practice for them.”
Richard, Hampshire

“After an abortive attempt to sell to another party, we were delighted to become part of the Gensmile group whose philosophy and ethos matched more closely that of our practice.

In the process of negotiating heads-of-terms, Gensmile were transparent and acted reasonably.  Once heads-of-terms were agreed, Gensmile completed the sale within two months.  There were no surprises in the sale contract.  Now that we are almost twelve months after the sale we are pleased that Gensmile have delivered all that they said they would.

In this short post-sale period, Gensmile have worked with our collaboration to promote and build the practice further by recruiting a specialist Endodontist and by investing in specialist equipment”
John, Suffolk

“Life used to be financially challenging and emotionally very stressful.  Gensmile helped us to resolve a complicated situation creatively to give us a successful sale.
We are delighted that Gensmile recognises that our practice was built on quality care and good community interaction and this has continued.

Since becoming part of the Gensmile Family we have won more awards, and the company have helped us improve the breadth of services we provide for our patients.  It’s important to us that Gensmile recognise that our reputation in the local area remains as strong as ever.”
Karen, Worcestershire

“Gensmile understands that providing high quality care in a relaxing environment is what makes us successful and they help us to maintain our standards.  They haven’t put short-term profits over our long-term reputation.

The practice still feels like it’s ours and Karen and I can still be as involved as much as we want to be in major decision-making. The vast majority of our patients have noticed no difference, recognising that they are still part of the wider ‘Beacon family’.  I also highly value being able to continue to choose the materials and techniques which I believe are best for me to provide the best dentistry for our patients.”
David, Worcestershire

“We ran a competitive process and Gensmile offered the top price but even more important was their understanding of our vision and the complexities of our business.  They have made very few changes to the practices and are serious about being a supportive partner.

As specialist referral practices, managing relationships with our team of specialists is key and Gensmile has worked hard and dealt very sensitively with them.  Our business relies on maintaining the highest clinical standards, Gensmile understands this and is very supportive of us remaining a state-of-the-art referral practice.”
Graham, Dorset

“The Gensmile team have been real partners to us and have kept their promises.  We were four selling partners and Gensmile understood the dynamics within the group so that we got a successful sale.

I have built up our group over 40 years but have enjoyed the last few years working with Gensmile as much as any before.  Simon and Sarah are friends as well as business partners. I could have left quite soon after the sale but have chosen to stay for additional years because I am still enjoying working with the Gensmile family.”
Stephen, Lancashire

Associates and Staff Testimonials

“As an Associate, I was nervous when I learned that the practice was being sold but there have been very few changes since Gensmile took over.  Gensmile has, however, greatly increased the marketing of the practice and I have noticed a large increase in the number of new patients since they took over.

Gensmile seem to be more focused on the long-term than on the short-term, supporting my career development by contributing to the cost of my implant training and providing equipment.  Whenever I have had any queries or concerns they have been excellent at helping me and making me feel valued.”
Alastair, Wiltshire

“Gensmile bought our three practices just before my 40th anniversary of working here. We were all quite worried but Gensmile have treated us all fairly and are always professional.  The practices still have the same family feel that they always had and we continue to work in very similar ways.

Gensmile have continued to invest in the practices and we have just had a complete renovation of our biggest practice, which now looks much better and paid a lot of attention to the tradition of the practice.  As a Practice Manager, I now have a lot more support and training than before.  All the Gensmile PMs get together twice a year in London and we help each other out regularly through our What’sApp group.”
Carol, Lancashire