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Gensmile is building a different kind of dental group providing quality dentistry and an enhanced experience for both patient and clinician.

We are focused on high-quality, private, family dental practices. Once these practices are in the group, we work to help them grow and develop while maintaining their unique identity. Most of our patients are unaware of any change of ownership.

The founding ethos of Gensmile is to work with dental practitioners who seek to be freed of the demands of running a business and instead want to be able to focus on delivering high quality dentistry to their patients.  We are committed to long-term partnerships with these clinicians.

Our aim is that each of our dental practices is a place where dental professionals want to build their careers and where patients receive a best-in-class experience with excellent clinical outcomes.

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How to sell your dental practice

For most dentists, selling their dental practice is the biggest financial transaction that they will ever be involved with.  For many it is also a very emotional process.

At Gensmile we understand this and make the process as transparent and understandable as possible.  We hope that the Principals selling their practices to us will remain with the practice once we own it and it is, therefore, very important that they feel that the deal was a fair one and that we are people they want to be associated with…

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Evolving corporate dentistry

Gensmile is different: building a new dental group based on quality and partnership.  We are an experienced team of Dental, Healthcare and Management professionals…

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