Gensmile Donates Charity Mobile Dental Unit

Gensmile Donates Charity Mobile Dental Unit

At Gensmile, our commitment to improving oral health and making a positive impact on communities has always been at the forefront of our mission. We take immense pride in being part of a meaningful endeavour that not only provides dental care but also brings smiles to those who need it the most. Recently, we had the privilege of attending the inaugural clinic held using our brand-new mobile dental unit, generously donated to Dentaid. This milestone event took place at the St Paul’s Open Access Hostel for the homeless in Bournemouth, and it marked the beginning of a transformative journey in oral healthcare accessibility.

Our mobile dental unit is a fully equipped dental surgery on wheels. This state-of-the-art unit is a testament to our dedication to making quality dental care accessible to underserved communities. But it’s not just about the equipment; it’s about the people who staff it and the lives they touch. The clinic at the St Paul’s hostel was staffed by a volunteer dentist and nurse from a local Gensmile practice. Their commitment to giving back to the community was nothing short of inspiring. They provided dental services, education, and compassionate care to individuals who often face barriers in accessing healthcare.

What makes our mobile dental unit so special is its mobility. It will traverse the South of England, reaching out to communities in need. This outreach includes but is not limited to people experiencing homelessness, survivors of abuse, families living in poverty, cancer patients, and fishing communities. These groups often face unique challenges in accessing dental care, and our mobile unit is determined to bridge that gap.

We are excited about the impact we will make in the coming years and look forward to continuing our mission of bringing smiles to underserved communities across the South of England.

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