2023 Tooth Fairy Run

2023 Tooth Fairy Run

At Gensmile we believe in making a difference in our community while having a great time doing it. That’s why we were overjoyed to recently host our second Tooth Fairy Fun Run, an event that brought together families, friends, and our generous sponsor, Marsh Commercial. This fun-filled occasion wasn’t just about running; it was about running for a purpose.

The Tooth Fairy Fun Run is much more than your typical charity run. It’s a family-friendly event where participants of all ages come together to enjoy a memorable day out while contributing to important causes. Our event featured a scenic route through our community, with participants dressing up as tooth fairies, creating a whimsical and heartwarming atmosphere.

Charities We Supported:

The Tooth Fairy Fun Run was an opportunity to support charities that make a meaningful difference in the world of dental health. We proudly raised funds for four incredible organisations: Dentaid, Bridge2Aid, Dental Mavericks, and Operation Smile.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the day and made this such a great fundraising event.

Bridge2Aid https://bridge2aid.org/
We train rural-based health workers in developing countries, providing them with the skills, equipment and resources that they will need to provide emergency dental care in a world where over 70% of the population currently do not have access to even basic dental treatment.
The ultimate goal of Bridge2Aid is to enable training in emergency dental care for health workers in all remote rural communities of developing countries. Our vision is a world free from dental pain.

DentAid https://www.dentaid.org/
In the UK, Dentaid provides free dental care for homeless and vulnerable people. Our mobile dental units visit hostels, day centres and night shelters providing emergency treatment for people who find it difficult to access dental care. Overseas, Dentaid has worked in more than 70 countries providing safe, sustainable dental treatment in poor and remote communities. We support dentists around the world by providing equipment, running oral health programmes and sending teams of volunteer dental professionals to help them reach more patients. DentaidBoxes are a fully portable dental surgery that can be used to provide care anywhere in the world.

Operation Smile https://operationsmile.uk
Founded in 1982, Operation Smile is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organisations dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. We have provided hundreds of thousands of safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate worldwide. In addition to mobilising our highly accredited medical volunteers, we also train local medical personnel and partner with hospitals, governments and ministries of health in order to ensure that safe surgery is a right for everyone in need, not a privilege.

Dental Mavericks https://www.dentalmavericks.org/
Dental Mavericks (DM) is a charitable dental relief organisation registered in the United Kingdom with ongoing operations in Morocco and Lebanon, supporting vulnerable communities. Since 2010, the central goal and mission of Dental Mavericks has focused on making dental care accessible to vulnerable populations deprived of it, and more broadly, promoting oral hygiene education and practice. Our priority is to address root causes and take people out of dental pain. In all areas of Dental Mavericks activities, we champion an ethos of high-quality care that is patient-led and dignified.

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